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Buderus Boiler

Smith Series 8 Oil-Fired Furnace

Should you find yourself in need of a new boiler, hot air furnace or water heater, Johnson Energy offers a wide range of selections to make sure that you have the best system to meet your needs.


Its rugged cast iron construction offers commercial quality in a residential boiler. This particular furnace offers a multitude of advantages – higher heat retention, better combustion, quiet operation and superior steam performance – including exceptional efficiencies of over 85%.

• Output range from 91,000 to 250,000 BTU’s.
• Optional tankless coil to accommodate domestic hot water needs.
• Wetbase design for longevity and maximum efficiency.
• Long lasting cast iron construction.
• Extended parts and labor warranty available.

Buderus boilers set themselves apart with quality features such as flexible GL-180M Cast Iron material, up to 4" of thermal insulation, a full swing burner door on oil boilers for ease of service and cleaning, and attractive jacket designs.

• State-of-the-art European technology.
• Economy friendly – it only runs when you need it.
• Optional computerized operating controls for maximum fuel savings.
• Long lasting iron construction
• Compact, space-saving design
• Available with the superefficient Buderus indirect water heater.

Williamson offers over a century of experience with high-quality comfort products that are backed by a tradition of excellence.
• A top-quality furnace.

• 10-gauge heat exchanger.
• Direct drive blower available.
• Heavy gauge cabinet with "Seal-Tite" construction.
• Lifetime heat exchange warranty.
• High-efficiency burner.


A leader in heating system research, development and testing, Airco hot air furnaces offer exceptional comfort, quiet operation, long lasting quality and years of dependability.

• A high-quality furnace.
• Direct drive blower is available.
• Sizes for every application.
• High-efficiency burner.
• Lifetime heat exchange warranty.


Williamson Hot Air Furance

Airco Hot Air Furnace

John Wood Hot Water Heater

Bock Water Heater

John Wood builds tough, reliable energy efficient water heaters.

• Double glass lined steel tank with the latest TankSaver™ technology to prevent corrosion.
• Magnesium anode rods offer additional corrosion protection for a long tank life.
• High-efficiency burner.
• Center or rear flue design.
• Direct vent model also available.

Every Bock hot water heater features an ultra-efficient internal heat exchanger called Turboflue® that heats water faster and retains it longer. Turboflue absorbs heat with such intensity that soot is burned away cleanly, which keeps your hot water heater running well for a longer period of time.

• High-efficiency burner
• Exclusive "C Glass" porcelain enamel tank lining.
• Tough, lightweight, corrosion resistant.
• Magnesium anode rods inhibit corrosion of the tank’s interior.
• Turboflue keeps lime and sediment deposits to a minimum.


Boilermate Indirect-

Fired Water Heaters

Boilermate hot water heaters use seamless inner corrosion-proof, nonmetallic, polyethylene reservoirs and high-performance, CFC-free molded insulation to keep water hot.

• The industry’s most energy-efficient heat exchanger coil.
• Rugged construction and solid brass threaded fittings for lasting strength.
• Designed for energy savings and long lasting performance.
• Simplified installation.

Other Manufacturers

& Models Also Available!

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