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Payment Plans and Discounts

Johnson Energy offers its customers several options to ease the cost of heating your home or business.  Please read our different plans and give us a call to sign up for one today.  All of our plans are free to sign up and we have a very courteous staff waiting to answer your call and any questions you may have.

10 Month Budget


Our 10 Month Budget Plan eases the cost of your home heating bill.  You will make ten equal payments that are billed July through April.  There is no price protection; the price is the current rate at the time of delivery.  Payments are due by the 10th of each month.
6 Month Fixed Price Budget


Our 6 Month Budget Plan eases the cost of your home heating bill by dividing your yearly heating into six equal payments.  Your schedule payments are billed July through December.  There is a fixed price that guarantees the rate will not exceed a preset amount.  The "locked in" rate is guaranteed for one year (August 1-May 31).

Fixed Price Program


Our Fixed Price Program lets you worry about your heating bill only once a year.  You will make one lump sum payment  annually on August 1.  This amount due is calculated on  anticipated usage and upon the previous year's consumption.  The price is guaranteed for from August 1- May 31. 

Standard Payment Plan


This plan is exactly as it sounds; pay as you go.  You will pay the current cash rate.  Customers whom have been credit approved will pay net 15 days from delivery date.  Commercial accounts, however, are billed on the first of each month.

Service Rates


Our 'normal business hour' rate is billed at $110 per hour.  
Our weekend and nights service rate is billed at $160 per hour.
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